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Postby park bom » 2021-05-06, 18:31

Solenja is a Romance language and will be spoken in the Republic of Solenja / on the Island of Solenja.

The Consonants:

B, C/K, D, F, G, H, J, L, M, N, P, Qu, R, S, T, V, X, Z.

B = /b/ | C/K = /k/ | D = /d/
F = /f/ | G = /ɡ/ | H = /h/, but in the Word its silent.
J = /j/ | L = /l/ | M = /m/
N = /n/ | P = /p/ | Qu = /kv/? This one quark
R = /r/ | S = /z/ | T = /t/
V = /v/ | X = /kz/? as in Mexico or Texas| Z = /z/

The Vowels:
A, E, I/Y, O, U
A = /a/ as in farm, warm, baum, als
E = /e/ as in elefant and sometimes at the ends of the word /ə/ as in father or feather
I,Y = /i/ as in in, winter, film
O = /o/, as in the German word froh or Mond
U = /u/ as in mund, moon

io = i-jo
ie = i-je
ea = e-ja
ia = i-ja
ou = u
oi = spoiler

Nouns have no gender. There is no conjugation. There are no times in the traditional sense.
The time tenses are represented by "io" and "sio" which are placed before the verb.

I eat bread = me como pan.
I ate bread = me io como pan.
I will eat bread = me sio como pan.

The Numbers can be build by just using 1-10
Eleven for example is 10 + 1 zeche una.
Twenty one is 2+10+1 doszeche una

Una one
Dos two
Tres three
Quatro four
Sinco five
Ses six
Sep seven
Oito eight
Nueve nine
Zeche ten


I try to answer all your questions :)
In english und deutsch
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park bom
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Country: DE Germany (Deutschland)

Re: Solenja

Postby park bom » 2021-05-11, 10:32

Two examples for a sentence in Solenja.

The bird flew into the cage.
La pajaro io vuelo en la gabbia.

She baked a cake for her wife.
voze io orneo una pastel por ​vos mulher.

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