Is there a Doctor in the house? (Causes of death in church records)

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Is there a Doctor in the house? (Causes of death in church records)

Postby danstarman » 2021-01-22, 1:08

Hello all,

My reason for joining UniLang is to try finding what was meant by all the "Hungarian" (Old Hungarian in Slovak church records, that is) causes of death on the following pages (which I can expand upon); the only one I have studied so far (ran into difficulties with others!) is "gyengeség" (weak, weakness, failing, infirmity, etc.) which for a baby only 5-8 days old, I'm guessing could be due to many things, including respiratory failure as one of my guesses.

So, if there are any doctors; especially if you were interested in the history of causes of death in the past from 1800's (or earlier or later), or if you are a "doctor of the Hungarian language used by Slovaks back then," who would like to try compiling a general list of whatever words you find in the column titled "Hálálának oka.", there are many genealogists who will sing your praises!

Source pages to draw from (I can provide others for anyone interested):
Note: Two pages per image! Images 351 through 373 beginning with this image location: ... -N3J?i=350 ... -59G?i=116 (image 117, also see previous image, right side; the cause of death column is handwritten on these two pages!)

Thank you in advance,
Sincerely, Daniel B. Sedory

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