What did you eat today?

This forum is to learn about foreign cultures and habits, because language skills are not everything you need as a world citizen...

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Re: What did you eat today?

Postby linguoboy » 2020-08-02, 20:32

Pesco- is still a weird element. The linking vowel screams "Greek" but the rest of the word appears modeled on Romance terms like Italian pesce or Spanish pescado.

Hoogstwaarschijnlijk wrote:What exactly did you mean with flexipescatarian?

I was half-joking. While researching "pescatarian", I stumbled across "flexitarian" as a term for "one who is usually or primarily vegetarian, but not strictly so". I'm primarily pescatarian but not strictly so. (A more accurate term for my diet is just "low-meat".)
"Richmond is a real scholar; Owen just learns languages because he can't bear not to know what other people are saying."--Margaret Lattimore on her two sons

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