Handwritten book

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Handwritten book

Postby SSlava » 2019-09-20, 10:50

At the end of the book, as I understand it, the texts are in Persian. Can anyone at least write in brief what they are perhaps about? There are many different notes at the end of the book. What are they about, are there any dates?

One wrote to me that she had found a date under seal - 1712 is turning out.

There is also an excerpt from Zubdat al-haqa’iq. And what else is there? Are there any dates?

I also post a link to the full version of the manuscript here. The main part of the manuscript is written in Arabic. And at the end of the book (possibly the owners of the book), left various notes. I wonder when the main text was written in Arabic?
But this must be placed in another section.


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