Hindi and Urdu Apps

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Hindi and Urdu Apps

Postby Meera » 2017-04-30, 15:52

Hey everyone! I thought it would be nice to make a topic on Hindi and Urdu apps since I know a lot of us use are addicted to our smart phones :P So here are some of the ones I use for Hindi:


A really great app that lets you stream music in a lot of different Indian languages and English. They have a big collection of Hindi songs.

Radio Chai
This is a radio from New Jersey (not sure if this is available in other countries) but it plays desi programming mostly in Hindi but also in some other regional languages. The app is free :)

TenguGo Hindi Alphabet
An app for the Hindi Alphabet.

NBT-Navbharat Times (Hindi edition)
An app for a Hindi news paper

Samchar-Hindi News Reader
An app with Hindi news stories

Zee News Hindi
Hindi news with live updates

I will post more soon. Make sure on the news apps you specify Hindi, since many come in regional languages as well.
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Re: Hindi and Urdu Apps

Postby vijayjohn » 2017-10-07, 5:20

Thanks, Meera! I barely ever use my phone tbh :lol: but this is bound to be a useful resource to most people who want to learn Hindi or Urdu and like using learning apps. :)

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