Handwritten note in Bulgarian, transcription or translation please?

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Handwritten note in Bulgarian, transcription or translation please?

Postby LokiMjod » 2016-09-15, 14:39

I have a note on the inside of a book that I can't identify the language of, but the note I'm pretty sure is Bulgarian. Can someone please either translate the handwritten note or at least try to transcribe it for me?


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Re: Handwritten note in Bulgarian, transcription or translation please?

Postby paruha » 2016-09-17, 18:20

Hi, there.
It's a bit difficult to decypher it since
- it's not the most readable handwriting
- looks like not quite contemporary Bulgarian
- there are some spelling errors
- not sure if some ends are not cut off in the pic

I can understand some bits, but not the whole of it.
The things below are the bits I am 80-90% sure I get.

И с това поле
мерака за борба ---- wish for struggle
надежда среща ----- meets hope
да вършим* прилежно. ----- to do diligently
Труд и ревностна сполука ----- Work and zealous success ?
What book did you find this in?

* I can't see the "ш" but I think that's the word.
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Re: Handwritten note in Bulgarian, transcription or translation please?

Postby cHr0mChIk » 2016-09-29, 7:07

The book is in the Church Slavonic language, and that is the Early Cyrillic script.

As for the note, it seems to be Bulgarian, but it's also some earlier form of spelling - hence the "yer's" at the end of the words which end with consonants... "въримъ"; "трутъ"...

This is what I see:

"и съ това поде (and thus began)
мерака за борба (the desire for the struggle)
ныдежда срещ... (the hope meets)
простѧтъ дѧлбол... (forgives ....) - [I have no idea what "дѧлбол..." could be.. it's probably some other word]
да въримъ прилеж- (to do diligently) [I think it's "вършим" as well - missing ш is probably a mistake]
но трутъ и ревн- (the work and the)
усъна спулука (zealous success)
гответъ несамнено (to prepare?? undoubtedly?)
бедмосъ..." [no Idea what this word means...]

Maybe there will be someone else who will be able to understand this note better, but I hope we were able to help you, at least a bit...
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Re: Handwritten note in Bulgarian, transcription or translation please?

Postby gothwolf » 2016-10-04, 11:27

And here is my attempt:

със това после (with this after)
мерака за борба (the willingness for fight)
надежда срещу (hope against)
простата ... (simple ...)
да вървим прилежно, труд и ревност (let's walk diligently, hard working and jealousy)
на сполука (good luck)
готвят безсъмнено бедност (prepare certainly poverty)

I agree, it is full with spelling mistakes and adding the fact that it is written before our last spelling reform, makes the text almost unreadable.

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