Superseding "Gender"

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Re: Superseding "Gender"

Postby Car » 2015-09-27, 9:50

That's why I chose it since some people might object to non-binary. Anyway, I think the signature's the best place for it as well.
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Re: Superseding "Gender"

Postby vijayjohn » 2015-09-27, 15:29

Car wrote:
Johanna wrote:Simply 'male', 'female' and 'other' wouldn't be inclusive enough I think, considering the rather large portion of active users who identify as neither male or female on this forum.

What could "other" stand for other than neither male nor female?

I got the impression she meant that there are enough users who identify as neither that it doesn't make sense to group them as "other." (I think the cartoon meidei linked to earlier explains the problems with "other" a lot better than I just did).

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Re: Superseding "Gender"

Postby Aurinĭa » 2015-09-27, 22:59

Johanna wrote:that leaves 34% who don't identify as either male or female.

There are people among that group who are fine with being referred to with 'he' or 'she' (for various reasons, an important one being the problems it'd cause in other languages than English.)

I also think signatures would be the best place to announce preferred pronouns (including their declension, as Car pointed out).


Re: Superseding "Gender"

Postby Koko » 2015-09-28, 6:43

vijayjohn wrote:(I think the cartoon meidei linked to earlier explains the problems with "other" a lot better than I just did).

On that cartoon, I actually feel a little excluded that there was no demigender on the example of gender identies they had. :evil: Sure, "non-binary" works, but then what about agender and genderfluid? Aren't those non-binary identities too (one is the absence of gender, and one is the fluidity of any two or more genders)?

If they hadn't separated binary transgenders from cisgenders, and had instead "male, female, etc," then I as a demiguy/-boy would go with "male." So I am actually happy that Johanna didn't separate those two :mrgreen: (thank you)

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