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Transliteration help

Postby samarqand » 2015-07-19, 13:12

Hi everyone!

I found a beautiful song by a Belarusian group, Didulya. Incidentally, this group created an album entirely of Middle Eastern sounding music. One of the songs has a few lyrics in Arabic, called "Road to Baghdad".

These are the lyrics I managed to find:

يامسهرني يا قلبي يا مذوبني يا قلبي
[?] يامسهرني يا قلبي
يامسهرني يا قلبي يا مذوبني يا قلبي
[?] يامسهرني يا قلبي

[?] is the part I don't know.

What I'm wondering is, is someone able to transliterate these lyrics (I know it's something like, 'ya masaharny alby' etc) and also complete the part I don't know? That would be fantastic, shukran!

I promise you, these are the ONLY lyrics of the entire song, and when you listen, they appear to be fairly clear, I think. :)
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