Making a Digital Script for My Conlang

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Making a Digital Script for My Conlang

Postby Achrelos » 2014-09-09, 21:51

Hey all, I started making a conlang some time ago but haven't touched it in a while. I want to get back into it, but there is a major hurtle I am not sure how too overcome. I created not only a specific alphabet but a nonstandard way of using it, ie not just putting them sided by side left to right. Is it even possible to make a keyboard version of my conlang alphabet, and make it be able to be typed in the form I write it?

The reason I want to do this is because during a move I lost all of the notes on the several hundred words I made and only had the alphabet and some notes on conjugation and declension that I had in a separate notebook. I hadn't touched it in months due to college, and was only able to remember a douzen words (because of word formation they get pretty long). I am hoping to make the script keyboard usable so I can digitally save it several different places so I can't lose it again.
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Re: Making a Digital Script for My Conlang

Postby Hangismamul » 2014-10-26, 5:19

The only way to type anywhere using a original writing system is to get it encoded in Unicode (which is virtually impossible unless you make your conlang extremely well known). You could either store all the information in the Roman alphabet (or any other collection of symbols in Unicode) and just use a notebook for reference to convert it or you could store all your information in notebooks. The best option would probably be Symbol Chooser: it's like Microsoft Word for conlangs. You can type within Symbol Chooser in your conlang, but you can't paste the text from Symbol Chooser. I haven't been able to use it myself as I don't have a computer, only a tablet.

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Re: Making a Digital Script for My Conlang

Postby idralinconlang » 2020-01-02, 4:57

That's really easy ! The only thing you need to do is to create the font using electronic tools such as and etc and then in your pc left click on the ttf file and install it and then use it in Microsoft office "Word"

When you typed what ever you wanted , then you can easily export it as A PDF file so that the font of the document will be kept ,

I did this too :) you can visit my Instagram page , conlanger-idri

In which last week I published Idri magazine with a digital font for my conlang :)

Hope my words will be helpful for you :)

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