Romanian Music

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Re: Romanian Music

Postby kotrcka » 2014-07-09, 21:27

I know that this song from Elena Gheorghe is already here, but...

you can sing along with her :-)
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Re: Romanian Music

Postby Multiturquoise » 2014-07-28, 11:22

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Re: Romanian Music

Postby Fabiano » 2015-03-10, 17:13

Are there other singers like Victor Socaciu in Romania nowadays, I mean, with the same good voice?

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Re: Romanian Music

Postby Sarabi » 2016-12-27, 6:32

voron wrote:
languagepotato wrote:you have awesome music there in romania

I concur. Also, Romanian is exceptionally good for rap.

Really? I generally dislike rap, so I guess my opinion doesn't count for much, but the only language I particularly enjoy rap in is Russian. I guess I can see what you're saying since Romanian has some Slavic sounds... but I don't like Romanian rap. I found it weird that whenever I look up Romanian and French music at least half of the stuff that comes up (not including oldies/classics) is rap. Of course this displeases me because I don't care for it.

My recommendations are Lidia Buble "Mi-e bine" and AMI "Te-aștept diseară"
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Re: Romanian Music

Postby atalarikt » 2018-02-01, 7:59

I like how this song is an adaptation of Eagles' Hotel California with more Romanian elements.
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Re: Romanian Music

Postby Michael » 2018-07-18, 14:06

Dumnezeule, câtă muzică românească am ascultat de curând! Iată oleacă de ea, inclusiv albume întrege:
Oh Lord, I've listened to so much Romanian music recently. Here’s some of it, including full albums:

Eu, când te văd ‘I, when I see you’

Voi dansa cu tine ‘I shall dance with you’

Vom fi mereu ‘We will always be [together]’ :?:

E adevărat, iubirea mea! ‘It's true, my love!’
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Re: Romanian Music

Postby ReachingOut » 2019-08-07, 9:59

O piesă superbă de folk rock. Pro Musica - Baladă pentru doi soldați.

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Re: Romanian Music

Postby ReachingOut » 2019-08-07, 10:05

Om Bun. Piesa cea mai bine conuscută de la formația Sfinx.

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Re: Romanian Music

Postby Linguaphile » 2021-02-26, 17:45

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