Fyrisetingar og føll [Prepositions and cases]

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Fyrisetingar og føll [Prepositions and cases]

Postby Noreviking » 2013-04-12, 22:53

In the Faroese language, there are prepositions governing the genitive, accusative and the dative, or a combination of these depending on the context. This is a list of some prepositions in Faroese and which cases they govern. I hope the list will be helpful. Thank you, Roskur, for guidance and support :D

Prepostions governing the accusative:
    Ábeint / áraka = opposite (on the opposite side of)
    (í)gjøgnum = through
    hóast = in spite of
    inntil = until
    síðan(i) = since
    um = about, around, during, across, via, etc
    umframt = in addition to
    vegna=on account of

Adverbs being used as prepostions that govern the accusative:
    innan = within (of time)
    oman = down
    uttan = without, except
    uttan iva = without (a) doubt

Adverbs ending in –megin that govern the accusative when used as prepositions:
    báðumegin = on both sides of...
    somumegin = on the same side of...
    hinumegin = on the other side of...
    hesumegin = on this side of...
    hasumegin = on the opposite side of...

Prepositions governing the accusative and genitive:
    millum, ímillum = between, among
    til = to, at

Prepositions governing the dative:
    aft(u)rat = in addition to
    at = at, to
    av = off from, of
    frá = from
    hjá = by, with, also used to express the genitive
    móti, ímóti = towards, against
    nærindis / nærhendis = near, close to, in the neighbourhood of
    undan = from underneath, before (in the meaning of time)
    úr = out of, from
    viðvíkjandi = concerning, regarding

Prepositions governing both the accusative and dative:
    á = onto, on, on top of
    eftir = after, according to, along, for
    fyri = before, in front of
    í = in, iundir[/i] = under, during
    við = with, beside, etc.
    yvir = over
References: Lockwood, W. B. (1977). An Introduction to Modern Faroese. Tórshavn. Føroya Skúlabókagrunnur.

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Re: Fyrisetingar og føll [Prepositions and cases]

Postby Maþlaliznandz » 2013-05-01, 11:03

Longer list from Thráinsson (2004)

Prepositions governing the accusative

    aftan = behind
    aftanvert = (right) behind
    ábeint = opposite
    áraka = opposite
    foruttan = outside, without (only in the ballads)
    gjøgnum = through
    hóast = despite
    inntil = until
    ígjøgnum = through
    íkring = around, round
    kring = around
    niðan = up
    oman = down
    síðan(i) = since
    umframt = in addition to
    umhvørvis = around
    umkring = around

Prepositions ending in -megin ‘side’:
    báðumegin = on both sides of
    hasumegin = on that side of
    hesumegin = on this side of
    hvørgumegin = on neither side of
    høgrumegin = right of
    sínumegin = on their side of (in connection with hvør ‘each’)
    skeivumegin = on the wrong side of
    somumegin = on the same side of
    vinstrumegin = left of
    øðrumegin = on one side of

Prepositions derived from directional or locative adverbs ending in -an (most common in connection with place names):
    eystan = east of
    norðan = north of
    sunnan = south of
    vestan = west of

Prepositions governing the dative

    at, av, frá, hjá, (í)móti, undan, úr
    aftrat/afturat = in addition to
    afturímóti = compared to
    andstøðis = opposite (formal style)
    andsýnis = with respect to, concerning, opposite (formal style)
    mótvegis = compared to
    nær (nærhendis/nærindis) = close to
    sambært = according to
    viðvíkjandi = with respect to

Prepositions governing the accusative or the dative

    á, eftir, fyri, í, undir, við, yvir

Prepositions governing the accusative or the genitive

    innan = within
    millum = between
    til = to
    uttan = without (acc.), outside (gen.)
    vegna = because of

References: Thráinsson (Þráinsson), H. et al. (2004). Faroese. An Overview and Reference Grammar. Tórshavn. Føroya Fróðskaparfelag.

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Re: Fyrisetingar og føll [Prepositions and cases]

Postby Mulder-21 » 2013-07-03, 11:19

Friendly reminder:

Those historically governing the genitive today govern the accusative. Faroese has been dismantling the genitive for centuries, and most stragglers still left are fixed sayings, or old place names. So when in doubt, go with the accusative.
Gløgt er gestsins eyga. (Føroyskt orðafelli)
Wise is the stranger's eye. (Faroese saying)
L'occhio dell'ospite è acuto. (Proverbio faroico)
Hosťovo oko je múdre. (Faerské uslovie)

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