Translation requests here, please :)

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Looking for a short poem translation...

Postby Songstress1973 » 2014-11-22, 4:50

Would anyone be able to help me with a translation of a short poem from English to North Sami?
While I know most of the words, the grammar and sentence structure is a little beyond my ken just yet.

Here's the poem:
Mother is life.
Mother is love.
Mother has feelings for her child
I see her face and it is beautiful.

Thank-You very much in advance :D
Sheila Louise Wright

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Re: Translation requests here, please :)

Postby Virankannos » 2014-11-24, 16:35

Hi Sheila! Here's my attempt (I'm not native but I've studied the language for almost 1½ years now).

Eadni lea eallin.
Eadni lea ráhkisvuohta.
Eatnis leat dovddut mánás guovdu.
Mun oainnán su muođuid ja dat leat čábbát.

Literal translation:
'Mother is life / Mother is love / Mother has feelings toward her child / I see her cheeks and they are beautiful' (The plural form of the word cheek also means 'face' in North Sámi.)

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