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Re: Maltese - Malti

Postby Massimiliano B » 2016-02-29, 16:29

Listening to Maltese is very strange for me (I speak Italian). I can understand one of every three words! For an English speaker it would be like this: "Linguistics wahalla tafnu psychological perspective illabni wahatta person wa expert il-language sociological wihi intelligence artificial wahalla ibnu interest afahal research allafnah wahdah important..." Ah ah ah ah!! Very beautiful language!!!

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Re: Maltese - Malti

Postby Poirot » 2016-08-20, 19:02

hwyadinnguaq wrote:One thing that interested me is that a lot of the people in the video sometimes roll their Rs, while the woman the narrator/main guy talks to at ~06.00 doesn't. Does anyone know if this is some sort of dialectical difference? If it is, and it's "acceptable" to not roll your Rs, Maltese will definitely be on my need-to-study-soon list. :P

I imagine the lack of rolled Rs is due to the influence of English. Either that or perhaps some of the people in the video are native English speakers.

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