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Postby Multiturquoise » 2014-07-30, 9:42

There was no thread about Gagauz here, so I opened a thread about it here. You can ask whatever you want about the Gagauz language.

Gagauz is an Oghuz language like Turkish, Azerbaijani and Turkmen.
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Re: Gagauz

Postby nadi » 2015-01-03, 20:09

Let me contribute to the thread by putting a link to a page teaching the basics of Gagauz:

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Re: Gagauz

Postby LMNY » 2015-04-01, 7:44

Hi, nice you meet you here!

The problem is there is absolutely no textbook or other resources for learning the language. I am learning it with Bible ... struggling but okey ....

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Re: Gagauz

Postby Mulder-21 » 2015-11-05, 9:37

One thing that I'm never sure of about Gagauz is: the t which is pronounced /ts/... is it written with t-comma <ț> like in Romanian or t-cedilla <ţ> analogous with <ş> and <ç>? In practice it's probably not that important but it's good to know nevertheless. Personally, I do the second whenever I need to.
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