Varg Vikernes’ view on the victims of Utøya

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Re: Varg Vikernes’ view on the victims of Utøya

Postby モモンガ » 2012-09-12, 16:17

brevik wrote:mai num is brebik, me also like brebik, bicoz brebik is I! ha ha ha
me is veri fan.

me think balk pipol is bad pipol, bicoz haz pipol wait and ok pipol.
hoe cun balk pipol gut pipol?

has mani balk pipol spiks muslem lunguge cun be brebik also is balk pipol

brebik go home
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brebik mast gou afrika lern muslimo languge, to spik to balk pipol prai islam religun. wrote:he is evil, yes, but he is very INTELLIGENT!

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