Offtopic - [Please help] Accomodation in Hungary

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Offtopic - [Please help] Accomodation in Hungary

Postby D39 » 2012-07-03, 20:16

Hello, fellow forumers!

Sorry for opening this offtopic, but I thought that here is the best place to bring my question.

So... this month I entend to do, with my gf, a "tour" of Hungary and Slovakia (from Romania thru Hungary/Debrecen-Budapest to Bratislava-Presov-Kosice-Hungary/Miskolc-Romania, and all the other towns and villages on the road) and I was thinking if there are any agrotouristic places where you can sleep (particular houses/villas/inns, in rural/urban areas, where you can get a room for a night or too), nothing too fancy (not too expensive, for high prices there are hotels), just somewhere to lay your head (but no hostel - too crowded, plus we like some privacy and I especially want to really relax, after half an year of asiduous work).

So... do you know any of these places near Budapest (on the road to Bratislava, if possible :) ), Debrecen or Miskolc (not too far... 20 km or so)? And if you do, have you got any idea how much a night spent there costs?

Thank you in advance! All the best!

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