Links for students of Dutch

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Links for students of Dutch

Postby Language Freakette » 2011-08-01, 1:46

I'm stealing this thread from the Swedish forum. :P

Share links here that could be helpful to people trying to learn Dutch! Here's a few that I know of. This site has a free course in Dutch + short video clips. Watch different Dutch tv stations here. News, sports, etc.

http://nederland.Fm/ Listen to different Dutch radio stations here. Watch many different Dutch clips here. Earlier version of the above website. Dutch newspaper Newspaper and articles thread on a different forum with lots of different links

Please add any helpful links you can think of! :)

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Re: Links for students of Dutch

Postby boetts » 2011-08-01, 18:36


Dit website is geschreven voor personen die Nederlandse taal willen leren begrijpen en leren gebruiken. (???)


This website is written for persons who want to learn to understand and use the Dutch language.


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Re: Links for students of Dutch

Postby Weerwolf » 2011-08-02, 16:40

In het middelpunt staan: [flag=]nl[/flag] [flag=]nl-BE[/flag] [flag=]af[/flag] [flag=]de[/flag][flag=]hr[/flag] [flag=]sr[/flag] [flag=]ru[/flag] [flag=]pl[/flag]
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Re: Links for students of Dutch

Postby Reinder » 2011-08-02, 17:48

boetts wrote:Hallo,

Deze website is gemaakt voor mensen die Nederlands willen leren.
This website is made for people who want to learn Dutch.


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Your Dutch is perfectly understandable.
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Re: Links for students of Dutch

Postby Hannahanneke » 2011-08-03, 18:48

I can add some more...
I have to warn you that i didn't test these sites, except for the first one :!: I collected them some time ago to help my Moroccan husband to learn Dutch (which explains why some sites are in French, Arabic or Spanish).
free dictionary (but limited in use every day), also English-Dutch ... 1170155751
a practical Dutch basic grammar in Arabic, Spanish and other languages (no idea of the quality though) ... 3365521fb8
online lessons with exercices, it's for free, but you have to create a login (in English) ... 0&id=49305
free online lessons in 3 different levels (in French)
It's a site with books free to listen online or to download the file. The books are always in Dutch and sometimes translated as well. On the site i choose the section "listening books for children" (to have easy dutch), when you scroll down, you can see "auteur" (=author) and "titel" (=title). The first story you can see is from Rachida Lamrabet and they have it in Dutch, French and Berber. When you click on it, you see:
beluister dit boek = listen to this book (online)
download dit boek = download this book
pronounciations of Dutch words - if you wanna check a pronounciation
also pronounciations of Dutch words, on the left there is a table with all the words
on this website you can typ your own text in Dutch and then they'll read it for you
tik je tekst = typ your text (in the white box)
kies een stem = choose the voice (of one of the persons, like Arthur, Fiona,...)
spreek = speak (to let them speak)
Dutch grammar online (in English)
portal site with links to sites to learn dutch
site with pronounciations, vocabulary lessons and exercices to learn Dutch, in the left i choose "Nederlands-Engels" (= Dutch-English), but you can choose other languages as well...

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