zapisati/zapisovati x snemati, etc

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zapisati/zapisovati x snemati, etc

Postby Alpha+ » 2009-10-27, 22:08

Can somebody explain the difference between those verbs, and whatever other verbs mean record?

What is the verb I should use to refer to recording audio, as in a studio? The sentence I was trying to build was "I wonder how it is to record you guys in studio."

I have another bunch of audio-related questions, but let's wait and see how this goes :P
Thank you in advance.

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Re: zapisati/zapisovati x snemati, etc

Postby Sesam » 2009-10-27, 22:50


"I wonder how it is to record you guys in studio."
Your phrase could become "Sprašujem se, kako bi bilo, če bi vas snemali v studiu." as suggested by a native speaker. A somewhat direct translation to English would be "I wonder, how it would be, if I would record you guys in a studio."
While in English you could say the simpler phrase "I wonder how it would be to record you in a studio." this does not work out to direct translate. Incorrect: "Zanima me, kako bi vas bilo snemati v studiu." make people frown at you. Quite probably you can't get away from the construction "Kako bi bilo, če bi ..."

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