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Postby Mert » 2008-12-26, 20:09

This is a Turkish film. The film was shot in 1989. It is one of the best Turkish films ever. Its name is "Uçurtmayı Vurmasınlar"(Don't let them shoot the kite).

I found its videos on google-video!

This is part 1 ... 3%A7urtma#

This is part 2 ... 3%A7urtma#

The subject of the film is about the love of a little boy for a woman in jail. The boy lives in the jail with his mother and the only thing he sees are the women in the jail. By the way, he is fond of one of them, however after she has been released, his life changes completely.

If there are your favourite films' videos, post them here please. :)
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Re: Films

Postby Strigo » 2008-12-27, 22:43

This youtube member has two Israeli movies subtitled into English: "Bonjour, monsieur Shlomi" and "Walk on water".
Aquí es donde traduzco diariamente música israelí del hebreo al español

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