Is the word ''rural'' kind of hard to say?

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Postby Gormur » 2005-09-26, 16:44

Kennedy wrote:
Gormur wrote:So what? The Dutch "r" is even more difficult for me. :lol:

Oh, well, what about Danish? Tell me about one thing that makes sense in that language. It puts English to shame when it comes to the relation between spelling and pronunciation. :p

Danish is easy for me cause my dialect is similar. 8)

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Postby jonathan » 2005-09-27, 16:10

I never had a hard time pronouncing things until I tried learning some Vietnamese. Oh my goodness.
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Postby Kennedy » 2005-09-27, 18:48

Hey, it's not fair throwing tonal languages in. :-p

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Postby Lee » 2005-09-28, 12:09

What about the word "Sphinx"? My mum doesn't usually have a problem with pronouncing English words, but she just can't pronounce this. It keeps coming out as "Swinx" or something similar.

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