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Postby LanguageMongoose » 2020-11-07, 20:30

Hi! I'm interested in learning more about socialism and I'd like to get as well-rounded a view on it as possible. Can anyone recommend some books on the topic? I'd like to get at least two books in favor and two books against it.

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Re: Socialism

Postby Sarabi » 2020-11-20, 6:26

Dans quelles langues ?
English; français (B1); español (A2/B1, 3 años y trofeo Duo); română (un an + Duo Nivel 13); italiano (principiante; Duo Livello 19); norsk (A2/B1, Duolingo Nivå 24); kinesisk 中文 (beginner, Duo Lvl 十七)

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Re: Socialism

Postby LanguageMongoose » 2020-11-20, 14:48

Sarabi wrote:Dans quelles langues ?

Anglais (principalement) ou toute autre langue romane, avec une préférence pour l'espagnol. :)

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