Multilingual Wish Corruption

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Re: Multilingual Wish Corruption

Postby laoshu » 2019-12-17, 5:39

(en) I wish I could earn money without having to work.
(id) Seandainya aku bisa dapat uang tanpa bekerja.
(zh) 假如我不用打工但還能賺錢,那可多好啊!
(hi) काश कि बिना करना तो पैसे मिले।
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Re: Multilingual Wish Corruption

Postby france-eesti » 2019-12-24, 7:28

laoshu wrote:(en) I wish I could earn money without having to work.

(en) Believe me, you'd be bored to death.
(hu) Hidd el, nagyon unatkoznál!
(fr) Crois-moi, tu t'ennuierais à mourir !
(pt) Acho que seria chatíssimo!

(en) I wish you could Apparate anywhere I wish.
(fr) J'aimerais pouvoir Transplaner partout où je le souhaite.
(hu) Szeretnék tudni hoppanálni akarhová, ahogy szeretnék.
(pt) Gostaria de poder Aparatar em qualquer lugar que desejaria.
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