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Antea - Arabic vocabulary

Postby Antea » 2019-12-15, 7:40

This is my personal thread for vocabulary. Lately I am recording myself trying to describe what I see in the city and trying to make some small talk about the subject.

And I have noticed that it I s still difficult for me. It’s easier to listen to a video, because I usually understand it, but in fact, and don’t have to use the words. That means that I am not sure about how to pronounce them. And it’s also easier to have a conversation with someone, because many times you just have to follow.

So that is the thread for the new vocabulary that I need while describing things (sometimes with Spanish translation).

- Noria, Ferris wheel: عجلة فيريس, دولاب الهواء
- parque de atracciones, amusement park: حديقة الملاهي
- navigation: ملاحة
- exceptional prices: أسعار استثنائية
- discount: خصم
- cave, Belen navideño: مغارة
- seagulls, gaviotas: طيور النورس
- sales, price reductions: تخفيضات
- bracelet: سوار
- credit: الائتمان

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