Why do Finnish language do not use loan word?

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Why do Finnish language do not use loan word?

Postby Giselberga » 2018-05-18, 15:49

Finnish language use native tongue like icelandic language
So they do not use loan word
Why do Finnish language use native tongue?
Why do Finnish language do not use loan word?

1) equator

2) system

3) January

4) false

Mats Norberg
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Re: Why do Finnish language do not use loan word?

Postby Mats Norberg » 2018-08-28, 21:14

Are you kidding?

There are gazillions of swedish lonewords in finnish and also english and russian one I have heard.

Some examples:

hissi (from hiss, eng: elevator)
kori (from korg, eng: basket)
tori (from torg, eng: ?)
purkki (from burk, eng: jar)
matto (from matta, eng: mat)
lamppu (from lampa, eng: lamp)
myssy (from mössa, eng: ?)
hattu (from hatt, eng: hat)
ranta (from strand, eng: beach)
pumppu (from pump, eng: pump)
muki (frpm mugg, eng: mug)
kuppi (from kopp, eng: cup)
halli (from hall, eng: hall)
sali (from sal, eng: hall)
tanssi (from dans, eng: dance)
kissa (from kisse or kissekatt, eng: cat)
auto (from automobil, eng: automobile)
katu (from gata, eng: street)
paalu (from påle, eng: pole)
tolppa (from stolpe, eng: pole)
pillari (from pelare, eng: pillar)
paavu (from påve, eng: pope)
pappi (probably from pater, eng: priest)
satu (from saga, eng: saga, fairytale)
banaani (from banan, eng: banana)
oranssi (from eng: orange)
ananas (from ananas, eng: pineapple)
tomaatti (from tomat, eng: tomato)
sukka (from socka, eng: sock)
tossu (probably from toffla)
tohveli (from toffla)
vohveli (from våffla)
salaatti (from sallad)
pippuri (from peppar, eng: pepper)
torttu (from tårta, eng: ?)
kakku (from kaka, eng: cake)
kumina (from kummin, eng: ?)
kaneeli (from kanel, eng: cinnamon)
kameeli (from kamel, eng: camel)
pankki (from bank, eng: bank)
penkki (from bänk, eng: bench)
viikko (from vecka, eng: week)
teatteri (from teater, eng: theatre)
presidentti (from president, eng: president)
demokratia (from demokrati, eng: democraty)
demokraattinen (from demokratisk, eng: democratic)
kassi (from kasse, eng: bag)
kassa (from kassa, eng: ?)
pulla (from bulle, eng: ?)
normaali (from normal, eng: normal)
meri (probably from latin: mare, sweedish hav, eng: sea)
antenni (from antenn, eng: antenna)
museo (from museum, eng: museum ??)
lasti (from last, eng: cargo)
kani (from kanin, eng: rabbit)
tonttu (from tomte, eng: ?)
viini (from vin, eng: wine)
sekunti (from sekund, eng: second)
minuutti (from minut, eng: minute)
tunti (from timme, eng: hour)
musiikki (from musik, eng: music)
muusikko (from musiker, eng: musician)
lääkäri (from läkare, eng: physician)
bussi (from buss, eng: bus)
konttori (from kontor, eng: office)
posti (from post, eng: post)
korppi (from korp, eng: raven)
korppu (from skorpa, eng: ?)
paperi (from papper, eng: paper)
inkivääri (from ingefära, eng: ginger)
kivääri (from gevär, eng: rifle, gun)
luutnanti (from löjtnant, eng: liutenant)
kenraali (from general, eng: general)
vänrikki (from fänrik, eng: ?)
kapteeni (from kapten, eng: captain)
majuri (from major, eng: major)
välskäri (from kär, battle surgon)
rykmenti (from regemete, eng: garrison ?)
armeija (from arme, eng: army)
kirahvi (from giraff, eng: ?)
leijona (from lejon, eng: lion)
tiikeri (from tiger, eng: tiger)
kitara (from gitarr, eng: gitar)
viulu (from fiol or violin, eng: violin)
timantti (from diamant, eng: diamond)
ruutu (from ruta, eng:square)

and lots and lots of more!


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