Please help translate "Touched by an angel"

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Please help translate "Touched by an angel"

Postby Nick Bennet » 2017-03-19, 18:16

Hi dear community!

My Korean is really poor. Yet I desperately need to find a nice translation of "Touched by an angel". I need it really nice since I am going to use it for a special T-Shirt gift.

If possible it would be nice if the translations carries the touchy-feely English sense of touching as moving, heart-warming. In case of there being different words for angel, it would be good to use the one that fits better with the concept of pure and gentle angle, a pure soul.

Automated translation gives me the following.

(1) 천사가 만진
(2) 천사에 의해만 지
(3) 천사에 의해 만지
(4) 천사가 감동했다

Yet I am sure all of them are terrible and that one of you very kind fellows can help me get it right.

And of course, if the whole sentence can be expressed in a nice, cool sounding way (from a Korean point of view) it would be great. Maybe there is even an equivalent expression in Korean. If so please let me know, along with the literal translation to English.

Many thanks in advance :D :D :D !

Nick Bennet
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Re: Please help translate "Touched by an angel"

Postby Nick Bennet » 2017-03-22, 23:21

Hi again!

I've been fiddling with more online translation and search results to see if I can figure out something (despite my Korean being veeery elemental). Somehow I find that 감동된 conveys better the meaning of touched as moved/impressed/emotionally affected.

I had a look a Naver translator which I had not tried before (how did I miss it??!!) and found the following:

나는 천사에 의해 감동받았다 ... 8%EB%8B%A4

Naver is great in which it includes examples. The examples appear to match the sense of touched/moved/affected that I am looking on:

He was touched by the allegory.
그는 그 우화에 의해 감동받았다.

They were moved by the young writer's message, that behind all the evil in the world, people are still good at heart.
그들은 세상의 악의 뒤에, 사람들 마음에는 여전히 선이 존재한다는 어린 작가의 메시지에 의해 감동을 받았다.

So... question (1) for Korean Speakers... How do you find 나는 천사에 의해 감동받았다? Any suggestions on how to improve / tweak it?

And, question (2). Would it still be fine the shorter form 천사에 의해 감동된? Would it be basically fine? Would it carry the same meaning? Does it sound fine enough?

Once again many thanks in advance :) :) :)

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