Learning Icelandic but also understanding culture

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Learning Icelandic but also understanding culture

Postby MarkUK » 2015-09-04, 8:27

I lived for three months in Iceland many years ago, and have been an Iccelandophile ever since. The pressures of work and family life have prevented me from learning the language so far, although I am now taking steps to do just that.

I am keen to follow discussions and debate on politics, culture, art and other issues relevant in Iceland but I can't find a good forum for that. There are plenty of forums for travellers, one foe expats, one general forum in Polish...and this forum. I have tried searching on Google, even using advanced search techniques - all without success.

So my question is: does anyone know of forums (in Icelandic or English) about and with Icelandic people contributing?

Thanks for any help anyone can provide. :)


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