Asterix translations in Uralic languages

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Asterix translations in Uralic languages

Postby Naava » 2019-12-31, 11:23

Have you always wanted to read the same story again and again but each time in a different language or dialect? Good! I have a treat for you!

In order to celebrate the International Year of Indigenous Languages, Ismo Porna and Aleksandar M. Mikichin started a shared project "Asterix and the Uralic Springtime" in 2019. They collected and published 43 (+7) translations of "Springtime in Gaul" (from the comic Asterix and the Class Act) in Uralic languages and dialects. The first version of the book where all the translations were gathered was published in 24.10.2019. A second, updated - and also final - version should have been published in 15.12.2019, but I cannot confirm this because the link doesn't work. :)

However, the translations (including short introductions to each language) can be found here on Ismo Porna's webpage!

The names of the languages and dialects are only in Finnish, so I'll translate them here so that you don't need to surprise yourselves with what you get when clicking the links. (I'd give you a direct link to each language but I can't because the pdf booklets don't have web addresses. :|)

There are some inconsistencies in the language name translations because I've taken the English names as they are written on the booklet covers. That's why there's eg. Southern Udmurt dialect but Central Udmurtian dialect etc. I've also copied the Finnish names from the links and not from the booklets, which is why there's Setun murre or "Setu dialect" on my list (as it is in the pdf link) and not Seton kieli or "Seto language" (as it is on the booklet cover). On top of everything else, there are some typos ("tundanentsi" instead of "tundranenetsi") and other shortened forms ("nganasanin" should be either "nganasan" or "nganasanin kieli"), so please don't use this as an Official Reference List for how to translate these names from English to Finnish.

Because I've simply copy-pasted the list, I refuse to take any responsibility for the names, their correctness, or whether something is a language or a dialect. If you spot a mistake or old-fashioned name there, please don't blame me, blame Porna and Mikichin! :D

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Re: Asterix translations in Uralic languages

Postby Linguaphile » 2019-12-31, 16:20

Yay! :woohoo: :woohoo: Thanks for posting!
But how could they be missing Livonian, Ingrian/Izhorian, Lule Saami and South Saami when they have Hunglish, Suomi-venäjä sekaslangi and Quenya? :hmm:
Anyway it looks like an interesting site - I'll be spending more time there!

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