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Re: Samoyedic languages

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A few conversational phrases in Selkup

Сома челы = Торова hello
Сва̄ ӄарт good morning
Сва̄ те̄лт good day
Сва̄ ӱдыт good evening
Кутар илан? how are you?
Код? who?
Ӄай? Ӄандук? what?
Кусакын? when?
Кайгын? where?
Кайзе? why?
Кутар? how?
Таштып ӄандук нэмдыкват? what is your name?
Машеп ____ нэмдыкват. my name is ___
Пасибо = Пашибо = thank you

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