Anyone still here?

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Anyone still here?

Postby Pandora » 2016-07-25, 19:07

Bures! I've recently fallen in love with Northern Sami, but. . .it seems impossible to find any resources on it (especially as I'm living in the US). I've looked through a lot of the links posted on here, and most are now defunct. I've been using Gulahalan and it's pretty good, but I'd love more.
Would love help with: [flag=]sv[/flag] [flag=]de[/flag] [flag=]es-ar[/flag] [flag=]eo[/flag]
Previous knowledge in/may pick up again later: [flag=]ja[/flag] [flag=]fi[/flag]
Will probably eventually need help with/want to learn: [flag=]is[/flag] [flag=]af[/flag]

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Re: Anyone still here?

Postby Virankannos » 2016-08-24, 11:18

I added more links to resources in the Resources thread. I also checked some of the older links, and most of them seem to work fine for me. Then again, there isn't exactly and overabundance of online materials available in the first place, especially in English.

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Re: Anyone still here?

Postby chung » 2016-08-28, 12:48

There might be some more links for you here although some of them are in Norwegian or Northern Saami. Oahpa! has been rehauled a fair bit over time and now has a few things in English including a summary on grammar.

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