Where can I buy Davvin?

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Where can I buy Davvin?

Postby flickers1 » 2015-03-13, 13:30

I'm looking for Davvin in Swedish and I just can't seem to find it anywhere online. Does anyone know where I could find it?

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Re: Where can I buy Davvin?

Postby Virankannos » 2015-03-18, 15:30

Davvin is a pretty old and dated book (and not that good, if you ask me). Your best bet would probably be a second-hand bookshop somewhere in Sweden.

Also, this person states in his blog about a North Saami course that: "Kursen baserar sig på Davvin 1, men eftersom boken inte längre finns till salu kommer ett nytt material att utarbetas och finnas till salu vid första lektionstillfället." (= "The course is based on Davvin 1, but because the book is no longer for sale, new material will be developed and available for purchase in the first lesson.")

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