Translated Pokemon games!

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Translated Pokemon games!

Postby juicypuffin » 2011-06-26, 16:48

Hey, basically I want to translate the Pokemon video games into all the Nordic languages if possible. If you want to help, that'd be really awesome - everyone I know who knows a bit of a Sami language doesn't want to translate. Even if you don't know anything about pokemon, it's fine - I'll explain anything necessary.

Here's an example text and an Icelandic translation: ... oaks-intro

If you or anyone you know wants to translate, or if you want to translate into another language (say, Dutch) then please let me know and we can get started immediately!

I want to do this not only for people who speak the language natively, but for learners who want a fun way to practice.
If you have any learning resources for the following languages, please tell me:
[flag]kl[/flag] [flag]is[/flag] [flag]fo[/flag] [flag]fi[/flag] [flag]sv[/flag] [flag]no[/flag] [flag]dk[/flag] And any Saami languages: [flag]smi[/flag]

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