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Erzya and Moksha

Posted: 2010-01-19, 11:57
by Æxylis
I was looking up some information about cases online and it seemed that a lot of them showed up in this language Erzya. I didn't realize at the time that it was a Finno-Ugric language. Needlesstosay, I became interested, unfortunately, it's difficult to find any resources for it. I don't mind reading through russian books if I have to as some are laid out in such a way that it's easy to find what you're looking for even if you don't know any Russian. I have searched through uz and have found one resource, but have not figured out how to download the thing off the filehosting site in russian. :oops:
Anyway, if you know of any good resources, that would be neat. At the very least, I'd like to find out a bit about its grammar.

Re: Erzya and Moksha

Posted: 2010-01-19, 15:33
by Varislintu
If this uz file is illegal, then you can't discuss how to get your hands on it on Unilang. Not publically. Unilang can get in trouble if we promote illegal filesharing.

Re: Erzya and Moksha

Posted: 2010-01-19, 18:48
by Æxylis
sorry varis, I didn't think about that. I don't really care how or where I get the resources from really, I just think it'd be an interesting thing to learn about. There really ought to be easier ways to find stuff to use to study languages out there. :?

Re: Erzya and Moksha

Posted: 2012-03-30, 14:59
by chung
I stumbled upon this collection of links for Erzya by the linguist, Jack Rueter including a a series of handouts and audio files used for a short course in Erzya given at the University of Helsinki in 2006. If you're ambitious enough (and your Finnish is good enough to understand the explanations), you can probably use this material as a primer in the language.

Re: Erzya and Moksha

Posted: 2013-04-23, 13:30
by Serge
Russian-Moksha-Erzya Dic.

Re: Erzya and Moksha

Posted: 2018-01-21, 7:11
by h34

Re: Erzya and Moksha

Posted: 2018-03-03, 21:07
by Linguaphile

Re: Erzya and Moksha

Posted: 2018-03-13, 0:23
by Massimiliano B

The Introductory Course of the Erzya Language is very good!

Re: Erzya and Moksha

Posted: 2018-06-12, 15:50
by h34
Cardinal numbers

Moksha | Erzya:

1 фкя | вейке
2 кафта | кавто
3 колма | колмо
4 ниле | ниле
5 вете | вете
6 кота | кото
7 сисем | сисем
8 кафкса | кавксо
9 вейхкса | вейксэ

10 кемонь | кемень

11 кефкие | кевейкее
12 кемгавтува | кемгавтово
13 кемголмува | кемголмово
14 кемнилие | кемнилее
15 кеветие | кеветее
16 кемготува | кемготово
17 кемзисемге | кемзисемге
18 кемгафксува | кемгавксово
19 кевейхксые | кевейксэе

20 комсь | комсь

30 колмогемонь | колмоньгемень
40 нильгемонь | ниленьгемень
50 ведьгемонь | ведьгемень
60 кодгемонь | кодгемень
70 сизьгемонь | сизьгемень
80 кафксогемонь | кавксоньгемень
90 вейксогемонь | вейксэньгемень

100 сяда | сядо

200 кафта сядт | кавтосядт
300 колма сядт | колмосядт

1000 тёжянь | тёжа

Re: Erzya and Moksha

Posted: 2018-08-12, 15:33
by h34

= English

вирь (vir)
вирь (vir')
= forest
шуфта (šufta)
чувто (čuvto)
= tree
келу (kelu)
килей (kilej)
= birch
пиче (piče)
пиче (piče)
= pine
куз (kuz)
куз (kuz)
= fir, spruce
тума (tuma)
тумо (tumo)
= oak
иса, каль (isa, kal')
каль (kal')
= willow
пою (poju)
пой (poj)
= aspen
пизелкс (pizelks)
пизёлкс (pizёlks)
= mountain ash, rowan
уштор (uštor)
укштор (ukštor)
= maple
лаймарькс (lajmar'ks)
лемзёркс (lemzёrks)
= bird cherry
пяше (pjaše)
пекше (pekše)
= linden tree
кусторкст (kustorkst)
куракш (kurakš)
= shrub, bush
имож (imož)
умарь, мастумарь (umar', mastumar')
= berry
шукшторукс (šukštoruks)
шукшторов (šukštorov)
= currant
тише (tiše)
тикше (tikše)
= grass
панчф (pančf)
панжовкс, цеця (panžovks, cecja)
= flower
ункс (unks)
ундокс, юр (undoks, jur)
= root
тарад (tarad)
тарад (tarad)
= branch, twig
лопа (lopa)
лопа (lopa)
= leaf
пичемарь (pičemar')
пичеумарь (pičeumar')
= pine cone
кузмарь (kuzmar')
кузумарь (kuzumar')
= fir cone, spruce cone
пяште (pjašte)
пеште (pešte)
= nut
панга (panga)
панго (pango)
= mushroom

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Re: Erzya and Moksha

Posted: 2018-08-26, 20:16
by h34
Bodies of water

= en

ведь / ved'
ведь / ved'
= water
ушедкс, юр / ušedks, jur :?:
ушодкс, юр / ušodks, jur :?:
= spring, well
шудерькс / šuder'ks
шудикерькс / šudiker'ks
= stream
ляй / ljaj
лей / lej
= river
эрьхке / er'hke
эрьке / er'ke
= lake
ведьлотка / ved'lotka
ведьлатко / ved'latko
= pond, reservoir
ведень прама васта / veden' prama vasta
ведень прамo, ведьпрамо / veden' pramo, ved'pramo
= waterfall
ляень прама васта / ljaen prama vasta
лейпрамо / lejpramo
= river mouth
търва / t"rva
чире / čire
= shore, coast
моря / morja
иневедь / ineved'
= sea
цёнга / cёnga
усия / usija
= island
менельпе / menel'pe
менельпе / menel'pe
= horizon

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Re: Erzya and Moksha

Posted: 2018-09-05, 4:32
by Linguaphile
Declension of 'виресь' (forest) in Erzya

Singular forms
Nominative definite: виресь
Nominative indefinite: вирь
Genitive definite: виренть
Genitive indefinite: вирень
Dative indefinite: вирнень
Illative indefinite: вирьс
Elative indefinite: вирьстэ
Inessive indefinite: вирьсэ
Ablative definite: вирденть
Ablative indefinite: вирде
Translative definite: вирексэнть
Translative indefinite: вирькс
Comitative indefinite: вирьшка
Abessive definite: виртементь
Abessive indefinite: виртеме
Prolative definite: вирьганть
Prolative indefinite: вирьга

Plural forms
Nominative definite: виртне
Nominative indefinite: вирть
Genitive: виртнень
Illative: виртнес
Inessive: виртнесэ
Elative: виртнестэ
Ablative: виртнеде
Translative: виртнекс
Abessive: виртневтеме
Comitative: виртненек
Lative: виртнев
Prolative: виртнева

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Re: Erzya and Moksha

Posted: 2018-09-06, 0:23
by Linguaphile
Declension of ‘вирь’ (forest) in Moksha

Singular forms
Nominative definite: вирсь
Nominative indefinite: вирь
Genitive definite: вирть
Genitive indefinite: вирень
Dative definite: вирти
Dative indefinite: виренди
Ablative indefinite: вирьда
Inessive indefinite: вирьса
Elative indefinite: вирьста
Illative indefinite: вирьс
Prolative indefinite: вирьге
Comparative indefinite: вирьшка
Translative indefinite: вирькс
Abessive indefinite: вирьфтома
Causative indefinite: виренкса

Plural forms
Nominative definite: вирьхть
Nominative indefinite: вирьхне
Genitive indefinite: вирьхнень
Dative indefinite: вирьхненди

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Re: Erzya and Moksha

Posted: 2019-02-02, 19:11
by h34
Conjugation of the verbs эрямс "to live" and самс "to come"

эрямс самс *

* apparently a cognate with Estonian saama (source)

Non-past, affirmative:
s1 эрян сан
s2 эрят сат
s3 эри сы
p1 эрятано сатано
p2 эрятадо сатадо
p3 эрить сыть

Non-past, negative:
s1 а эрян а сан
s2 а эрят а сат
s3 а эри а сы
p1 а эрятано а сатано
p2 а эрятадо а сатадо
p3 а эрить а сыть

Simple past, affirmative:
s1 эринь сынь
s2 эрить сыть
s3 эрясь сась
p1 эринек сынек
p2 эриде сыде
p3 эрясть састь

Simple past, negative:
s1 а эринь а сынь
s2 а эрить а сыть
s3 а эрясь а сась
p1 а эринек а сынек
p2 а эриде а сыде
p3 а эрясть а састь

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Re: Erzya and Moksha

Posted: 2019-02-16, 15:42
by h34
Some common verbs (EN-RU-MDF-MYV)


MDF = Moksha
MYV = Erzya

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Re: Erzya and Moksha

Posted: 2019-02-18, 17:26
by Linguaphile

Re: Erzya and Moksha

Posted: 2019-02-18, 19:39
by h34
Сюкпря / Thank you! These resources are really helpful.

Re: Erzya and Moksha

Posted: 2019-02-27, 4:49
by Linguaphile
Conversational phrases in Moksha

Шумбратада! = Hello!
Пара шобдава! = Шумбра шобдава! = Good morning!
Пара ши! = Шумбра ши! = Good afternoon!
Пара илядь! = Шумбра илядь! = Good evening!
Кода эрят? = How are you?
Пароста = Fine
Сюкпря = Thank you
Простямак = Excuse me
Сожалею = I'm sorry
Эняльдян = Пожалняста = Please
Кода тонь лемце? = What is your name?
Монь лемозе = My name is
Тон корхтат мокшекс? = Do you speak Moksha?
Тон корхтат рузкс? = Do you speak Russian?
Тон корхтат англакс? = Do you speak English?
Тон корхтат нёмецокс? = Do you speak German?
Тон корхтат французкс? = Do you speak French?
Мон аф шарькодьса = Мон аф шарьхкодян = I don't understand
Нинге весть азость = Аст нинге весть = Say it again
Коса маластонь банкась? = Where is the closest bank?
туалетсь = toilet
базаронте = market
больницясь = hospital
Мъзяра питнец? = How much does it cost?
Няемозонк! = See you!

Re: Erzya and Moksha

Posted: 2019-03-07, 23:58
by h34
Conversational phrases in Erzya

Шумбрат = Hello! (singular, informal)
Шумбратадо! = Hello! (plural, formal)
Паро валске! = Good morning!
Паро чи! = Шумбрачи! = Good morning ~day~afternoon!
Паро чокшне! = Good evening!
Кода эрят? = How are you? (sg)
Кода эрятадо? = How are you? (pl)
Парстe.= Fine
Сюкпря.= Thank you
А мезень кись. = Your're welcome. (replying to 'thank you')
Инеськеть. = Excuse me
Кода (тонь) леметь? = What is your name?
Монь лемем ... = My name is ...
Тон кортат эрзякс? = Do you (sg) speak Erzya?
Тынь кортатадо эрзякс? = Do you (pl) speak Erzya?
Тон кортат руcкс? = Do you speak Russian?
Тон кортат англичанокс? = Do you speak English?
Тон кортат немецекс? = Do you speak German?
Тон кортат французокс? = Do you speak French?
Мон а шарькодян. = I don't understand
Зяро тень питнезе? = How much does it cost?
Вастомазонок! / Неемозонок! = Goodbye! / See you!

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Re: Erzya and Moksha

Posted: 2019-07-02, 18:14
by h34
Weather terms

mdf = Moksha
myv = Erzya

mdf уша uša
myv ушо, ушолкс ušo, ušolks
= weather

myv берян ушолкс berân ušolks
= bad weather

mdf ши ši
myv чи či
= sun

mdf ковол, туця kovol, tucâ
myv ковол, пель kovol, pel'
= cloud

mdf коволу, туцяв kovolu, tucâv
myv коволов, пелев kovolov, pelev
= cloudy

myv пелев ушолкс pelev ušolks
= cloudy weather

mdf коське kos'ke
myv коське kos'ke
= dry

mdf варма varma
myv варма varma
= wind

myv шожда варма šožda varma
= light wind, gentle wind, breeze

mdf давол davol
myv давол davol
= storm

myv даволов davolov
= stormy

myv ловонь давол lovon' davol
= snowstorm

myv зернемс zernems
= to thunder

mdf атям atâm
myv пурьгине pur'gine
= thunder (noun)

mdf ёндол ёndol
myv ёндол ёndol
= lightning

mdf сюне sûne
myv сюв sûv
= fog

mdf сюнера sûnera
myv сювов sûvov
= foggy

mdf пизем pizem
myv пиземе pizeme
= rain

myv пиземев pizemev
= rainy

myv пизи, моли пиземе pizi, moli pizeme
= it's raining

mdf лов lov
myv лов lov
= snow

myv ловов lovov
= snowy

myv начко načko lov
= wet snow, sleet

mdf цярахман cârahman
myv цярахман cârahman
= hail

mdf эй ėj
myv эй ėj
= ice

mdf кельме kel'me
myv кельме kel'me
= cold

mdf лямбе lâmbe
myv лембе lembe
= warm

mdf пси psi
myv пси psi
= hot

mdf пачка načka
myv пачко, летьке načko, let'ke
= humid

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