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All Sami languages

Posted: 2009-12-29, 1:47
by Sean of the Dead
Hey all, just a notice that I added all of the Sami languages (except the extinct ones) to My Language options, so be sure to specify now which language(s) you are learning. :D

Re: All Sami languages

Posted: 2009-12-29, 8:55
by lumiel
Ollu giitu, Sean of the Dead ! Mun lean vuordán, ahte buot sámegielat lasihuvvot Unilangii. Ieš mun hálan davvisámegiela (Ohcejoga dialeakta) ja veháš anárašgiela ja nuortalašgiela. Dađibahábut Suomas ii leat ollu oahppamateriálat...

Thank you so much, Sean of the Dead! :mrgreen: I've been waiting for the rest of the Sami languages to be added on Unilang. I speak North Sami (the dialect of Ohcejohka) and a little bit of Inari Sami and Skolt Sami myself. It's a pity that there's not a lot of learning materials in Finland... :(

Re: All Sami languages

Posted: 2013-08-22, 15:14
by Noreviking
Are there anyone here that speaks Skolt Sami fluently or is learning it on a regular basis? A friend of mine is really interested in the language, and now I've become a little curious about it as well. :)