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Re: Mari

Postby h34 » 2019-10-22, 17:27

Linguaphile wrote:I can add one word:
h34 wrote:mrj шäкшäльӹ šäkšäl'y
mhr шыҥшале šõngšale
= lizard

myv = метьказ met'kaz = lizard


Thanks a lot!

It's interesting (and a bit surprising to me) to see how much the Mordvinic languages differ from Mari.
Thanks for any corrections

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Re: Mari

Postby Linguaphile » 2019-11-03, 16:53

Conversational phrases in Hill Mari

Пуры лижӹ hello
Шӓлӓ = hi
Пуры ирок = Пуры ирок лижӹ good morning
Пуры кечӹ = Пуры кечӹ лижӹ good afternoon
Пуры вады = Пуры вады лижӹ good evening
Пуры йыд = Пуры йыд лижӹ good night
Пурын толда welcome
Кыце ӹлет? how are you?
Тӹньӹн лӹмет кыце what is your name?
Мӹньӹн лӹмем ___ my name is ____
Тӓ кышецӹн ылыда? where are you from?
Тӹнь марыла попет? do you speak Mari?
Тӹнь англла попет? do you speak English?
Тӹнь рушла попет? do you speak Russian?
Тӹнь финнлӓ попет? do you speak Finnish?
Мӹнь ам ынгылы I don't understand
Тау thank you
Кого тау thank you very much
Тау мӹлӓнем палшыметлӓн thank you for helping me
Идӓ йӓтлӹ excuse me
Мӹшкӹрем шужен I am hungry
Чӓйӹм йӱдӓ have a cup of tea
Мӹнь тӹньӹм яратем I love you
Цеверӹн see you later
Иргод якте see you tomorrow

Phrases in Hill Mari, Russian, and English
Reading Hill Mari through Meadow Mari
Greetings in Hill Mari

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