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Is there a way to share my VPN from my Android emulator to the external hosting PC

Posted: 2021-05-13, 8:36
by stordragon
So I can get my Windows use the VPN installed inside the Android emulator (e.g. Noxplayer or LDPlayer) on PC in a way that I can download geo-blocked foreign language videos from some countries for which there isn't a working proxy server in my PC VPNs but there are only ones that are available in Android VPNs?

I actually posted the same question on the StackOverflow tech forum but haven't received any response as of yet.

(ps the current workaround is that if I want to download the video from PC instead of downloading with Termux on Android or iPhone, I have to use an Android VPN + tethering tool bridging between my PC and Android phone to share my Android VPN network to my PC, however, what annoys me is that the tethering tool is interrupted automatically every 30mins & I have to click to pause the youtube-dl cmd line window before time limit is up & me having to manually turn it on again to restore the download which is really time-consuming & contra-productive.

Consequently I've decided to go for the solution of using a VPN in Android Emulator on my PC. But the question is: how to share the VPN network inside the emulator to the external hosting PC??)