Long quotes and quoting pictures and videos [split]

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Re: Long quotes and quoting pictures and videos [split]

Postby dEhiN » 2016-03-06, 3:34

księżycowy wrote:
dEhiN wrote:On Android you can use the volume buttons to act as arrow keys.

Not on mine. :hmm:

Maybe it's app-specific? I know on my browser (which is Chrome), esp in text fields, the volume buttons act as arrow keys: the increase volume acts as back (so essentially left) and the decrease volume acts as forward (so, right). But this also works in the default messenger (=texting) app. As a result, if I'm listening to music, and want to change the volume while in these apps, I have to pull down the top menu to take the focus out of the app.
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Re: Long quotes and quoting pictures and videos [split]

Postby księżycowy » 2016-03-06, 12:02

Even more interesting. Cause I use chrome too, and all it does when I use the volume buttons is, well, change the volume. :hmm:

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