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Re: Issues and Bugs

Postby OldBoring » 2018-11-08, 9:48

I actually speak "Italian Chinese" but there isn't this option. :P
But after years in China, my speech has Chinesised, so I say 超市 instead of 公司.

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Re: Issues and Bugs

Postby linguoboy » 2018-11-08, 16:32

dEhiN wrote:
vijayjohn wrote:I'm not sure I can say I focused on a particular variety of Spanish per se, but I'd still say Mexican Spanish is by far the variety I'm most familiar with. Andalusian and Canarian Spanish seem to be really close to Latin American varieties of Spanish, and I vaguely remember hearing/reading that most(?) of the Spaniards that colonized the Americas were originally small-time farmers from Andalusia or something like that.

I thought a good amount of them came from the Canary Islands?

A good amount did, because the Island pretty quickly reached their carrying capacity and had to start exporting surplus population. Also it wasn't unusual in colonial times for ships to have to wait their for up to a year before making the crossing so it's believed that colonists may have picked up characteristics from the locals that way as well.

That said, there are some distinctively Canarian dialect features that--as far as I know--are not found in the Americas, notably intervocalic voicing of oral stops.
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