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Re: Issues and Bugs

Postby Luís » 2018-09-13, 9:19

I don't know if there's a specific reason for it to be done at 03:00 am CET (since it's proycon's personal server), but we can ask him. Most users at the moment seem to be from Europe and North America, so I'm not really sure how the time could be changed in order to minimize the impact (perhaps early morning in Europe?)
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Re: Issues and Bugs

Postby Car » 2018-09-13, 9:48

Do we have any stats on when users are most active (however we want to define that)?
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Re: Issues and Bugs

Postby vijayjohn » 2018-09-13, 12:06

I think that would mean at what time on a given day the highest number of users are online, on average.

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Re: Issues and Bugs

Postby Ser » 2018-09-13, 15:38

If UniLang is really on proycon's personal server, I am not totally hopeful we'll convince him to change the maintenance time he set if he does work on it. I am, of course, grateful for him keeping this site running for what is soon going to be 20 years.
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Re: Issues and Bugs

Postby Linguaphile » 2018-09-14, 0:43

Thanks, that all makes sense and it's certainly not a big problem.

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