How do you get started?

This forum is for constructed languages, both those invented by UniLang members and those already existing.

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How do you get started?

Postby Caramelicious » 2006-01-06, 17:38

I think that these Conlangs are really interesting. Really I have never heard of them before, but how does one get started in making one?
All of these seem like they are really going to work and I congradulate the people who worked on them, they are wonderful!
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Postby Hanabi » 2006-01-06, 20:05

Initially it was by just throwing words together and giving each a meaning (which, as I learnt, is certainly not the best way to do it).

I never took it very seriously until about two years ago when I discovered the conlang bible.

It tells you almost anything you need to know in order to create a conlang. I know it'll sound strange - but it's almost like a construction manual for conlangs.

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Postby jorge87 » 2006-01-08, 23:19

Is there any software to facilitate this task?

Thanks in advance.


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Postby Saaropean » 2006-01-09, 10:48

I usually start with an idea concerning the grammar of pronunciation of my conlang. I don't care much about the lexicon.

In the grammar part, I start with the basic things like noun declensions (cases, genders, numbers etc., if applicable) and verb conjugations (tenses, aspects, persons, genders, numbers, moods etc., if applicable). Later I think about things like relative clauses, adjective comparison or adverbials.

If you want tips on how to create random grammar and pronunciation, don't hesitate to ask me. ;-)

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Postby doctrellor » 2006-01-16, 2:45

People usually start with the sounds of the language that they want.

Then slowly start by putting the sounds together to get the sound combinations they want, thereby putting words together...

If you want a language that seems spread out (word by word), then one can go say...

atte na mbu ge ba

or , you can put them together with the "roots" attached to your affixes for a turkish like agglutinating flavor

attena mbuge ba

or you can have all your words stuck toegther in 1 long sentence...for an eskimo like "Poly" feel


So once you have an idea of the "style" of how you want your words to sound, and how your words are either split up or stuck together.. then you can work on simple grammars..

1 thing to note:


PESTER THOSE THAT KNOW WHAT THEY ARE DOING!, since they obviously have been at this a while, and so therefore can easily help, and answer noob questions...

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