Miggish - Lesson 1 - Introducing

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Miggish - Lesson 1 - Introducing

Postby minus273 » 2005-08-15, 16:06

(note: miggish is a parody of those cool real conlangs)
Hello (lit. you are good): vssi
While in more formal situations, we say 'good day':
dnam vsam
To say your name:
I'm called foo:
nmomie fu. (note 'foo' here should be in locative)

Here is a little guide about how should you do noun declension for common gender nouns: example: manu- (a human being)
Case: Sing. Dual Plur.
Nom: mnus man mne
Acc: mnum meni(1) mnuns
Gen: mons(2) mne mnom
Dat: meni me mus(3)
Loc: mni mnhu nfsju(3)
Voc: mnu man mne
(1): a with an i-mutation become e
(2): a with an u-mutation become u
(3): mnm collapsed into m, mn influenced by f become n

I am (1) mus- (2)kunkvo- (3) bugi-
Oh... forgive my posting monolingually...
Min heimpagina ond blog:

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