What this forum is about

This forum is for constructed languages, both those invented by UniLang members and those already existing.

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What this forum is about

Postby Saaropean » 2005-08-14, 11:08

This forum is for conlangs (constructed languages) invented by UniLang members. 8)
It was created at a funny time when Malcolm said Papagenish should be recognized by UniLang because it had more than 4 speakers.
Then Egein wanted a forum for his language, Allun (which is parodied by Papagenish).
To prevent a flood of UniLanger conlangs in the Virtual School of Languages, I decided to create this forum instead.

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Re: What this forum is about

Postby Ashucky » 2013-10-12, 14:17

This forum is now about constructed languages (conlangs) invented by UniLanger, as well as about the already existing conlangs such as Sindarin, Na'vi, etc., with the exception of Esperanto, which has its own subforum-

There is also now a new subforum for translations only, intended for translation topics, similar to the Translations subforum under General Language Forum.
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