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Add font to unicode

Posted: 2019-07-27, 16:09
by Macnerd
I haven't done it but I'd love to create a conlang. I've spent hours on Google & YouTube & I have ideas for grammar & syntax.

I'd love to create a font for my conlang.

How does one add a font to Unicode? I mean actually create a new font from scratch & then add it to Unicode. What is the procedure for adding new fonts to Unicode? How does one apply to Unicode to install a new font? I have a feeling that it's complicated & maybe expensive.

Re: Add font to unicode

Posted: 2020-04-13, 14:26
by MehwishYati
You normally want to use a encoded font compliant with the Unicode Standard. It will likely be able to work with other encoding, but a font designed for another encoding may not be able to work with Unicode.

Unicode – Complies with Unicode encoding and is ideal for Web viewing. If you need to type with this font, you would have to install a separate keyboard utility.
Encoded (Not Unicode) – Complies with a specific encoding scheme. These should only be used to work with and hopefully convert older documents to Unicode by fontvilla.
Print Font (Avoid) – Encoded as ASCII/Latin 1, but with special characters replacing English letters. If you DON’T need to activate a keyboard utility, it is likely not a Unicode font. Many newer icon fonts and dingbat fonts are actually this kind of font and can be problematic on the web.
Note: These fonts were originally designed for print. There was no need for the text to be readable across platforms.