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Aesthetics (Post Your Script!)

Posted: 2019-05-30, 4:47
by Falohar
I have always been amazed by Tolkien's ability to create a visually beautiful script (Tengwar) for his conlang(s). I wanted to make this thread so that people could post about their own conlangs' writing systems.

    What is the story behind your own conlang's writing system (if it has one)?
    What medium is your conlang written on? (ink on paper, clay tablets, carved on stone, etc.)
    Post a pic of your conlang written in its native script!
    Give fedback on others' scripts!

For example,
my conlang is called Angosel'v ("the product of speech"), and its writing system is called Engworel'v ("the product of writing"). As far as anyone can tell, Angosel'v has been the tongue of the High Peoples of the Wide World for as long as there have been peoples at all. The oldest known inscriptions of primitive Angosel'v can be found etched on the walls of caves; but for more than a thousand years, the High Tongue has been written primarily with quill and ink. By truncating words so that letters stack both vertically (top-to-bottom) and horizontally (left-to-right) on the same line, Engworel'v has been saving scribes valuable vellum for as long as anyone can remember!

Re: Aesthetics (Post Your Script!)

Posted: 2019-07-10, 22:56
by Ashucky
That's a very interesting looking script! I'd love to see a break-down of the letters and a word-for-word transliteration (and translation) of that short paragraph.