How to make a Conlang public?

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How to make a Conlang public?

Postby Kota-Ebau » 2018-08-08, 19:39

Just I've created my definitive Conlang version, which I called Skädjarkäita (Skevadish) and I'm looking for pages who could make conlangs public, but I didn't find anything yet.
So... What's supposed I have to do to make my conlang public?

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Re: How to make a Conlang public?

Postby Dormouse559 » 2018-08-09, 0:48

There isn't anything that you "have" to do. It's not an official process. You can make a thread here, if you want to, and explain the features of your conlang.
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Re: How to make a Conlang public?

Postby xBlackHeartx » 2019-03-07, 0:20

I've seen people post conlangs on Frathwiki. If you can make a website, then you could easily just post it there. It wouldn't really require that much expertise to do. Simple HTML code would be more than sufficient for a conlang page. You can learn html code for free online rather easily. The hardest thing though would be putting it online. There's services that do that, but you have to pay them if you want your website to actually appear in search engines (along with having a proper domain name). The cost isn't that high, I think for profreehost its only $20 a year or something, but its still an online transaction. And of course, I don't think a layperson could easily figure out how where they need to put their files and whatnot. Its not exactly the most elaborate procedure making a website that's just a bunch of html pages, but there is A LOT of different folders you can put everything in, and only one would be the right one.

Frathwiki would probably be your best bet. I've also seen people make youtube videos showing off their conlang.

And yeah, some people just post their conlangs here. Of course, this place doesn't have a dedicated page just for that, meaning that your conlang thread will get buried by conlanging questions, and you can't even do a search that will isolate the threads talking about specific conlangs either. Though I guess you could mitigate this somewhat by putting a link to the thread for your conlang in your signature.

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