Constructing a language in which toponyms make sense

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Constructing a language in which toponyms make sense

Postby FlatAssembler » 2018-06-01, 15:36

Hey, guys! New here!
Anyone else here invented a language in which toponyms of your country make sense?
I've done that with Croatian toponyms. You can see my work here:

Long story short, here is what Pater Noster sounds like in that language:
Patir nos, kis divi esi!
Kekluit ennomin tepi!
Essis errehs!
Puind ki tu vessi
nepesu errike!
Ki nos ne essenti dogi toimi, dodi!
Pagdike likona nos,
kom vike pagmos liketirmos nos.
Sentme ne dirtomos,
solaske inzme tirnomos.

I think that's what Illyrian (an unattested language spoken in Croatia until around 6th century) might have sounded like, but I am not sure if that thesis has much scientific merit.

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