Iwasaki's System of Reconstructing Languages (ISReLangs)

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Iwasaki's System of Reconstructing Languages (ISReLangs)

Postby J.I. » 2016-09-01, 10:55

I'm new here and a conlanger in Japan. Sorry it's a little sudden, but I need your help. After wavering over choosing the thread where I should post the following content (“Conlangs” or “General Language Forum”), I've come here.

To be precise, I appreciate receiving your answers, examples or ideas to the questions about languages and linguistics in the following page of my website.

Here are my questions and the reasons of them.

My first conlang's name is "Iwasaki's System of Reconstructing Japanese (ISReJP or ISReJA, 岩崎式日本語)" and the name of my whole conlanging system is "Iwasaki's System of Reconstructing Languages (ISReLangs, 岩崎式言語体系)". Now, I'm trying to make ISReEN (-English, 岩崎式英語).

I need help from the viewpoint of conlangers and native speakers of languages other than Japanese not to let my conlanging system be merely Japanology and Japanesque method.
Conlangs: Iwasaki's System of Reconstructing Languages (ISReLangs, 岩崎式言語体系)
http://iwasakijunichi.net/isrelangs/ (Questions for everyone)
http://iwasakijunichi.net/isrelangs-pedia/ (Encyclopedia)
http://iwasaki-conlang.com/en/ (ISReJP research team in Tokyo University of the Arts)
http://confidential.jpn.org/ (Sorority dorm in Japan where users live and gather)

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