My Conlang: New Gelog

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My Conlang: New Gelog

Postby Wario Toad 32 » 2016-08-17, 4:06


I originally had a Conlang called Gelog that was a sister language to Laefeveši back on CWS but I've re-made the language completely. I just brought the language back to life so it is highly incomplete definitely not functional.

The Early form of the language which I made back in February 2016 was like a mixture of Laefeveši and West-Germanic Languages but as I said I have completely redone the language. It would probably be classified as a priori but it has lots of influence from Germanic languages and some Slavic influence as well. It also includes many words that have origins to terms used in Super Mario and Minecraft.

Gelog is written in the Latin alphabet.

A - /a/
B - /b/
CH - /X/ and /x/ (Only used at word end or sometimes before T in words with Germanic Origin)
D - /d/
E - /e/
Ë - /ε/
F - /f/
G - /g/
H - /x/ (Has /h/ and /ç/ as allophones sometimes). It's /ç/ when followed by a J.
I - /i/ or /ɪ/
J - /j/
K - /k/
L - /l/
M - /m/
N - /n/
O - /o/ long and /ɑ/ short
Ö - /ø/ or /œ/ (I have a really hard time differentiating between these two sounds)
P - /p/
R - /ʀ/ normally but /ʁ/ after K or T (Word end can be ʁ or the unvoiced version X)
S - /s/
Š - /S/
T - /t/
U - /u/
V - /v/
X - /ɣ/
Y - /ai/ (It can also be spelled EI)
Z - /z/


Not much here.

The Lang is still in its beta stages.

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