ITT: Babblelanging / kitchensinklanging / trollanging

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ITT: Babblelanging / kitchensinklanging / trollanging

Postby WallOfStuff » 2016-07-31, 20:44

The title itself of this thread is ridiculous, but anyway...

For those who like making joke/troll conlangs, kitchen sinks on purpose, whatever. This thread for you. And if it ends up changing a bit and becoming an actual conlang, that's coolio too.

So here's mine:

Hgö ríiv ëils ngçí ăd aghs küw iȥ.

It means: "The dog walks in the park."

Pronunciation clip later, if anyone interested.

Your turn, fam.

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Re: ITT: Babblelanging / kitchensinklanging / trollanging

Postby razlem » 2016-08-15, 7:45

The cat leaps effortlessly onto the moving van.
Which means "The dog walks in the park" in my new language, Spanish.
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