Guess the correct translation (new concept)

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Guess the correct translation (new concept)

Postby Cubix » 2016-07-10, 13:22

I'm creating a new kind of translation game. In this one, you write a sentence in your conlang and its translation in english, along with two false answers. Ex :

Sentence : Ju ne scenam.

1 : I don't know.
2 : I don't understand.
3 : I don't walk.

Then, the person after me is supposed to guess the correct answer, based on similarities with other languages, or anything I've said about my conlang Bonestalingu in other threads. It might be difficult.
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Re: Guess the correct translation (new concept)

Postby Llawygath » 2016-07-22, 12:43

The idea sounds good at first glance, but it may not get a lot of participation. The conlangs posted here would have to be recognizably a posteriori and/or discussed elsewhere extensively enough that someone could have an idea of what a random sentence in them meant. Otherwise, "guessing" based on no evidence would be pointless. On the other hand, the game of Werewolf works the same way (the rules prohibit all possible methods of actually finding out who the "werewolf" is, but the players vote on it nonetheless).

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