Alphabet and pronunciation

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Alphabet and pronunciation

Postby Cubix » 2016-07-07, 21:46

How is the alphabet in your conlangs ? And what pronunciation have the letters ?

For instance, in mine (Bonestalingu) this is the alphabet :

A : [a]
Ā : [ã]
B : [b]
C : [k]
Č : [tʃ]
D : [d]
E : [e]
Ê : [ɘ]
F : [f]
G : [g]
H : [h]
I : [i] / [j]
Ī : [æ]
J : [ʒ]
K : [kʃ]
L : [l]
M : [m]
N : [n]
O : [o]
Ō : [õ]
P : [p]
Q : [x]
R : [r]
S : [s]
Š : [ʃ]
T : [t]
U : [u]
Ū : [y]
V : [v]
X : [ks] / [gz]
Y : [aj]
Z : [z]
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Re: Alphabet and pronunciation

Postby linguoboy » 2016-07-07, 22:00

Cubix wrote:Ī : I didn't find it, but it's the equivalent of "in" in French.

Standard French [æ̃]
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Re: Alphabet and pronunciation

Postby Atluk » 2016-07-08, 22:04

*The second phone represented by a letter is a sound that can only occur through allophony.

Aa- [a]
Bb- [b]
Ee- [e] or [ɛ]
Gg- [g]
Hh- [h] or [x]
Ii- [i] or [y]
Jj- [t͡ʃ]
Kk- [k]
Ll- [l]
Mm- [m]
Nn- [n]
Oo- [o]
Pp- [p]
Qq- [q]
Rr- [ɹ]
Ss- [s]
Tt- [t]
Uu- [ʊ], [w] or [ʍ]
Vv- [v]
Ww- [w]
Xx- [ʃ]
Yy- [j]

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Re: Alphabet and pronunciation

Postby Llawygath » 2016-07-22, 20:24

linguoboy wrote:Standard French [æ̃]

I thought the standard was [ɛ̃] and [æ̃] was a nonstandard variant. I learned it as [ɛ̃], and the web pages I skimmed just now support this. (Separately, why does the tilde over æ̃ appear after the letter? It's a proper combining tilde, so it shouldn't.)

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Re: Alphabet and pronunciation

Postby ʒab̄ūkuæi » 2017-03-07, 1:17

mine is an alpha syllabary (abugida) named "tuʃtæk", but here are the basic letters

hw (this sound is kind of gargled.)
j (like the thai "j")
hew (similar to "hw" but breathier, and is not gargled)
v (normal for syllables)
tl (like the aztec "͡tɬ", if you dont know how to say it. say the word Atlanta, and then you will notice the "tl" sound)
t̪͡ʙ̥ ( just look at this video
b̄ (long b, kind of like a bilabial trill "ʙ". makes vowels longer.)
x (gargled as well)
͡td (an africate, said at the same time)
͡gɬ (said like "͡kɬ" but with a "g")
v (adds an umlaut for syllables, exception of the vowel "ü")
ð/θ ( ð at a lowercase, θ as uppercase)
e (like the chinese "e")
o ( sounds more like "ah" and "ooh" mixed together)
k (normal)
K (as in "skull")
ʃ (sh)
kʷ ( k as in skull, but made by rounding your lips)
w (at the begining of a word, and before the 2nd syllable if present, sounds like a combination between a "V" and a "w", at the end of a word, its a simple "w"

this language is an abugida, making syllables when a diacritical vowel is added on top of the letter. the vowels are:
a (as in "ah")
e ( as in "entomology")
u (oo as in "soon")
i ( ee as in "irritate")
o ( as in "oh")
ü (no equivalent i know of in english, but think of the brand uber, or look it up).

almost all letters can be nasalized too (e.g: æ̃, ʕ̃ "and that is possible, its just hard",͡tɬ̃, ʒ̃ ect.), ħ,ʘ,θ, and ph cant though

every sound has 4 values as well, affecting the tones
modal (normal): self explanitory
breathy: the sound is a bit breathier, just as the title itself explains, so "æ", sounds looks like æ̤, and sounds like "æhh"
creaky: the letter sounds like a creaky door, so "æ" looks like æ̰, cant explain the sound, but if you have played minecraft (not this game) and hear the villagers deep voice, you will get the idea
static: unique to this language (I believe), the sound turns into a gargle, or like a static on the tv, which is where i got the name, there is no ipa symbol for this, so i will use ̚ as an example, so æ looks like æ̚ and sounds like a cat purring, or like "æhh" with some gargly h's.

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Re: Alphabet and pronunciation

Postby Ahzoh » 2017-05-25, 12:55

This would help you and everyone else, especially since of your description are vague.
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